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DUMITRU BORDEIANU V15/28 August 1921 – 3/16 August 2002

 bordeianu2The following details presented are excerpts taken from the book “Confession from the Bog of Despair”, written by Dumitru Bordeianu, a Romanian Martyr. We will also try to remember some details from his direct confessions, as Elder Dumitru explained on a Sunday, after the Church service and in front of many of us, some of the horrible tortures that he suffered in the communist extermination camps. It was approximately fifteen years ago when Dumitru Bordeianu clarified succinctly to us such demonic aspects:

“We were tortured day and night; many times we have been forced to sit or stand in impossible positions: pressed against the cold wall with the arms in the air, or to sit cross-legged with heavy objects on the back and head; beaten on the feet and buttocks with heavy rods until the torturer got tired, or stretched and pushed while we had to utter intense blasphemies against the Lord and His Saints; or to witness extreme pain inflicted upon friends and then forced to continue the torture… “

bordeianu1Elder Dumitru also wrote: “The methods used in exposures (a term used to identify the psychological ways of forcing the faithful to abandon own spiritual upbringing, Orthodoxy, as if you were a criminal who had to be re-educated), in regards to physical torture, was taken from the “Pedagogical Poem” belonging to the Bolshevik teacher Macarenko, method that was previously used in USSR mainly on common law prisoners. Although the diabolical scheme of torturing the soul was developed and well tuned by the demonic heads of the Muscovite and international occult. The essence of these methods was beating, a continuous torture without a stop and of the greatest intensity. The tortured one had no knowledge when the torment will end.”

“The 30 ones hit us so cruelly (it is about the prisoners who became ‘re-educated’, so they could be used to inflict even more pain on the still standing Orthodox) with their boots, with the bars, with their fists, that in the morning the cell was full of blood puddles…  I do not remember now as I did not remember on that day for how long was that beating (….) I could not reason, as I was living a nightmare. Everything was unreal, and my physical power left me. On that moment, it crossed my mind that would be better to die. But death did not arrive. I received a wet napkin around my waist. Only the first blows I did not feel. Later, I woke up when I was thrown on the cement floor. We all were completely disfigured; the wet and cold pavement was good…”

“Our martyrs did not have graves, and they have not been buried in cemeteries, so that next generations could say a prayer for their souls… The Satan’s servants wanted to wipe any trace forever, as those tormentors could not kill our souls. We, the young legionnaires (the members of the Legion of Archangel Michael), did not give up our dream and we will guard from above to teach generations to come. And these generations will believe us, because they were not tempted by the spirit of the unclean one… “

“The honest and clean souls of the young, the young who did not know the dirt of sin, political passion, love for power, and hate, will remember us. Not the passionate, not the traitors, not the ones activated by animalistic desire, not the ones who sold their souls to the devil or to any occult organisation are having the right to speak on our behalf as a people…”

“Those of us who were murdered redeemed our weakness through own sacrifice. This Legion of the Archangel Michael will live through her martyrs, her heroes and her fighters. We wished our death every moment, without being allowed to die. The purpose of the torment, in its essence, was not to kill, because such a crime would be a genocide, but to make us criminals as well, or informers. That is the final purpose of the communist re-education: to remove God from the heart of man, leading to his fall in the abyss. “

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