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The Plan of Sealing the People (with the Mark of the Beast) – Part 2

Once that the Christian ecumenism is ‘resolved’ (see the present ‘pan-orthodox synod’ from Crete), another synthesis towards a ‘higher’ inter-religious joining is to happen, which would be the ‘updated’ Judaism, according to Isaac M Wise in his “Triumphant Judaism”, from AJS Review, 1982.

The primordial target, in Romania at least, is the Orthodox Monasticism. Aiming at the scientific community and the general public without knowledge, a specific terminology is used for discrediting our millennia old tradition. ‘Pathological Reclusion’ is the name of this shrewd assessment! In other words, moving away from this ill social society and resisting to re-education is treated as a pathological development. In the same time the effort to ‘make’ Christ a simple man or maybe an extraordinary preacher and a public moralist will be doubled by these fake theologians! The greatest demonstration will be the ‘discovery of Christ’s body’, shown to the whole humanity as an un-doubtful finding! It will also be an attempt to ‘close’ the Mediterranean region as the main evangelizing area of the first century After Christ. Moreover, the guilt for our Lord’s Crucifixion will be passed to the Romans, as the Jews would be ‘absolved’ of deicide…

There are ongoing efforts targeting Christian societies, especially the Orthodox ones, to allow ‘discriminated’ groups like the LGBT to be freed of that prohibition, so this particular ideology will be accepted into the ‘new’ Christianity. The old economic determinism would be replaced with a cultural one, where the perverse sexual minorities will make the Christian flock more ‘tolerant’!

The second-last stage in a ‘hybridization’ of the human being is reached, being actually the alchemic dream of cabala. This nightmare is about the human being without anything determined yet, a-sexual, a synthesis of man and woman, which is the androgenic archetype as theorized by all Far-Eastern religions.  So the living creature is freed of sexual ‘constraint’, being able to freely choose what is convenient from the LGBT acronym. The new man becomes a mockery, as emerged from these pseudo-scientific centers. And they will continue, by giving him a ‘new’ body and a ‘new’ mind to make him immortal, to annul all steps towards Salvation, forever…

The ‘swan song’ will be Transhumanism, a demonic agglutination of man with the machine, the final attack over the human being. This implementation on a large scale is correlated to the changes of the society at large. Considering the information from various specialized literature, this metastasis could be reached in about 25 to 30 years, until all systems must become operational: man will be ready to accept in his life these new access codes, being desirable as they are labeled scientific.

At that moment in time, the mastery summit in the war against man will be reached. These elites are using all kind of resources, such as Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”: ‘to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence: supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting’. In American universities, during modern times, this type of war has a certain code name: ‘neocortical warfare’. It aims to attack and subtly take over the centers of command and control of the enemy, in a socio-political bluff, so to speak. But cognitively, it means the paralysis of superior centers from neocortex, seeking to destroy all functions of analysis, synthesis, plan and control, simultaneously with augmenting responsible centers for adaptation, stimuli/answers, and management of vital functions of feeding and survival.

(For further details in this particular realm of ‘warfare’: http://www.iwar.org.uk/iwar/resources/airchronicles/szfran.htm and http://www.au.af.mil/info-ops/perception.htm)

The process will be facilitated by implants, which are to practically facilitate a takeover of man’s superior functions and direct them to serve the stability and coherence of the new system, practically towards a comunitarian intelligence. Guided from the center and founded on infallible principles of efficiency, effectiveness and control, humanity will become a ‘unique office and factory’, as named by Lenin, where everyone will undertake the same employment with the same wage according to the egalitarian principle; the world will turn into a real prison, in a satanic overturn of the Christian order.

In this ‘sad paradise’, the human being looses all coordinates of God’s Kingdom and acquires reflex behavior pertaining to the Antichrist’s kingdom, becoming permanent once that the ‘new baptism’ is officialized.

(The following paragraphs deal with specific local / international issues in regards to the Orthodox country of Romania. Father Teodot from this Holy land, who is the commentator of the above article sent by one of his spiritual sons, gives a few details about the present situation in Romania herself.)

I tried to understand why there is such demonic craving in these people to consider themselves the ‘chosen people’. All that I understand is that they hate Christ from ‘all their soul and their entire mind’, because their kingdom was stolen from them, some 2000 years ago. I know that they have a passion for history and humanistic / social sciences generally. From what I remember of my university years, all professors and academic teachers have been ‘specialized’ in USA or France. All are anti-traditionalists and reformers (…)

It is good to mention the fact that beyond means of ‘visible’ persuasion, from schools and universities, there are also used witchcraft methods such as ‘divining’, which is also named ‘parasympathetic magic’, on a large scale. As an ex-practitioner, I can put forward the number of 5,000 people who ‘work’ constantly for the support of diverse political people to gain or to stay in power. One of the ‘beneficiary’ dear to these inner-circles is the Romanian ex-president (Traian Basescu), whose Head of the Senate Defense Committee congratulated the divining ‘team’ for the effort…

Generally, the students that they make are identical copies of such teachers, and they also become idolatrous of the Western culture and methods. These students are given master degrees, various grants and PhDs, and later are co-opted in different ONGs and foundations, which are real ideological armies of auto-occupation, heavily financed from European Union resources. All these people are building this modern utopia, and they are looking at technology as the latest panacea, also believing that it will also fix the social problems.

Therefore, these indoctrinated individuals are pushed forward as facilitators and ferments of this new and techno-globalist society. The success of this introduction at a universal scale is given by own makeup: advancing gradually with supposed beneficial use in professional and relational plans. The perfect religious correspondent of these technologies is the far-eastern religions, in their depersonalized structure, which is ‘unifying in a great whole’, of a manner similar with technology.

The ‘popularity’ of these changes that we are going through could be identified by the followings: facility, sexual permissiveness, polymorphic existence, compatibility with social control because individuals are ‘happy’ in their passivity, therefore reality turns into illusion, because everything is ‘pre-destined’…  Also, everything is obtained only through ‘own’ effort by technology, without God’s help, so you can ‘illuminate’ yourself!

The motivation for the gradual introduction of different instruments and electronic gadgets into the human body will be medical – to real time control of the organism’s parameters to avoid illnesses, and also to invoke the necessity to take a burden from the medical system in regards to money spent on pills and hospitalization…

Then, the economic motivation will come: due to competitiveness pressure, all employees will have to ‘perform’ at rates close to the analytical power of machines, for not to be sacked. The principle of survival of the most ‘adapted’ one will be self-imposed, where the adapted ones will avoid a collapse only through the use of the technique of pleasure, consumerism and comfort, obtaining the illusion that their work and lives are ‘important’ for the community…

As a prize, they will be told that they can reach venerable ages and even ‘immortality’ in a new body, obtained through cloning, or by symbiosis through artificial organs grafted on the actual body when it started to crumble. Similar with promises offered by shamanism and the renaissance’s magicians, these people will obtain infallible memory which is to be transferred to any other body, and they will be processing information as cyborgs.  And people wishing to check on these offers will be so numerous.

Due to programming predictive techniques used in film studios, such phantasmagorias of immortality are heavily implanted into the subconscious of the young citizens, so they are ready to embrace everything that they like as a ‘personal development’. In reality, they are the product of this long-time coaching, which makes them believe anything, under this cover of progress and happiness. The re-education process is finalized!

In this socio-political rapport, the elites prefer the Chinese system, which they glorify, because it is a top dictatorship, an oligarchic corporatist economy at its core, and a submissive society, with credit system compatible, at its base. Actually, they think to implement it into Europe and not just there… Countries which do not understand this persuasion will be taken to submission through war, even through a global war.

Dan Petre, the International Relations professor from Political Sciences Faculty within Bucharest University, used the following phrase in regards to the American Diplomacy power: ‘United States has two major diplomatic channels related to the rest of the world, and these channels are US Air Force and US Navy’. This very distinguished individual also wanted to underline that Romanian Orthodoxy is on the ‘right track’, even that some minuses could be observed, such as monastic life and the Divine Dogma present in the Orthodox Church… Of course, things could be ‘reformed’! As the major duty that the Church has is a ‘non-combat’ one, isn’t it? Obviously, political leaders are all just buttons to be pushed, according to their master’s evil schemes.

The only way to move out of this demonic paraphernalia is the Church Herself, but to select this choice everyone of us must abandon science and this fallen logic, and to humble oneself. This is a very improbable thing to happen. But let us wait and see, because God’s mercy is great and everything else is in His Providence. It depends on how a human being would use own great trophy, Freedom, as we are masters on our decisions and become slaves of the consequences.

As long as the Church services are clean and clear, let us continue to go to these services. In regards to the appointed servicemen, the Priests, do not get disconcerted if they usually say nothing about present day troubles. But if they affirm heretical teachings, we MUST reply strongly, to avoid sinning! Trying to convince them, to have the consciousness and courage to confess Christ, will fail on many instances. Due to cowardice and treason to the side of these bishops and priests, there is no ‘formal’ Orthodox force against satanic energies which are well organized, even that their number is so small, in reality.

It is ridiculous to know that in Orthodox countries like Romania the number of faithful is much, much greater than the number of the demonized ones, the ones who push the buttons. We know that Christ the Lord will help us, if we want to be helped by Him. May God strengthen us in the fight with the dark angels. The Mother of God and especially the Holy Martyrs, these Saints who suffered in extermination camps, under the communist yoke, will help us, if we will remain faithful to Him!

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