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Facebook censorship alert

Update 26th of May 2016: it may appear the issue has been resolved as the facebook user provided the following status update on his facebook page: “It appears the post, the comments and my activity history on facebook have been restored. My emails are still missing but won’t complain about those as i can see everything again on facebook. Will blame it on a “glitch” and assume that somehow facebook engineers saw this complaint and helped restore what had been lost. Thank you to those involved, whomever they may be – may God bless you!

Original post: The following notes have been forwarded to us by a facebook reader who appeared very concerned about his recent experience on Facebook. You can write us at orthodoxaustralia@yahoo.com.au if you have witnessed this or had a similar experience:


How strange, a facebook article seen by many, commented on by many, about the Occult-Ecumenist Stained-Glass Window at the Entrance of the Orthodox Academy of Crete, the host of the Pan Orthodox Council, has been taken down. There were valuable comments there for all to see. The article has been taken offline. It was the english translation of this article in Greek plus much of the others contributions to understanding the message behind it. My facebook log activity shows like i had never shared it, visited or contributed to it. There are things that can’t be just said in the public space without consequences …

Not only that but my new friend i made while commenting to this post, who requested my friendship, has been removed from my facebook, as his private messages i received from him have all dissapeared. All gone!

When i checked my yahoo mail, all the facebook confirmation emails … gone as well. Who is that powerfull to do all these?


The original Facebook post that was removed was located here:


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