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071. Jan. 31/Feb. 13, 1971. Sts. Kyr and John

Dear Sister in Christ, Catherine,

Many thanks for your letter of a month or more ago. It’s a comfort to us whenever we get a live response from out there in the somewhat indefinite region of American Orthodoxy. Our whole purpose is to keep up contact and mutual inspiration among the isolated Orthodox “sparks” out of which, God willing, the flame of genuine American Orthodoxy will blaze up.

Where do you go to church when you can go? Do you have contact with Fr. Michael Azkoul in St. Louis? He’s probably our closest English-speaking priest to you. Right now he’s building a congregation starting from the living room of Dr. John Johnstone.

I hope our latest Orthodox Word will make up a little for your having missed the canonization of St. Herman.

The Pryzbylski’s, as I recall, recently subscribed on their own.

Please keep in contact with us, at least occasionally and keep us informed on the state of Orthodoxy in the great Midwest. And pray for the sinful monks Herman and

Seraphim, Monk

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