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047. May 21/June 3, 1970

Mr. Alex V. Cattell
St. Tikhon’s Society, Inc.
598 15th Ave.
San Francisco, Calif. 94118

Dear Mr. Cattell,

Last Friday evening we returned to Platina with our new linotype and put it safely in place. We then opened our mail and found the check of St. Tikhon’s Society for $400. You can imagine our feelings. Truly, everything is given by God — in the right way and just at the right time. With this money we have already been able to pay some important expenses connected with the purchase of the machine.

Please extend our heartfelt gratitude to the St. Tikhon’s Society for its most generous and thoughtful gift. And please pray for us that we may bring forth fruits worthy of the love which you and others have shown us.

With gratitude and love in Christ our Saviour,
Father Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
Br. Gleb Podmoshensky
Br. Eugene Rose

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