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036. April 19/May 2, 1970. Bright Saturday

Dear Father in Christ, Panteleimon,
Christ is Risen! Bless us, Father!

On your visit to us last November you expressed interest in helping us with the purchase of a little more advanced printing equipment than we now have. The time has come for us to take advantage of this offer if you are still able to make it.

While in San Francisco for Pascha, we visited our friend Fr. Alexy Poluektov, who was in seminary together with Gleb. He is very interested in printing and recently bought a whole printshop. He is moving it soon to his “dacha” on the Russian River, and he offered to sell us his linotype (a no. 5 — the smallest kind), which we saw in operation. We saw other linotypes that day also, but they were more expensive and more complicated for us to undertake.

As to cost: the linotype itself is $600 — which is quite reasonable, and as the pot for heating lead operates on gas (easily adjustable to bottled gas) we save the expense (and noise) of a second generator. Cost of the annex to house the machine: $300. Moving, final adjustment by mechanic (if necessary), hookup for gas: $200 or maybe more. The whole project will cost around $1200. Of this we have $300 in a special linotype fund and can find another $200, leaving a balance of some $700. We will be most grateful for whatever help you can give us on this sum.

Enclosed is a letter to us from Hieromonk Seraphim of St. Tikhons Monastery. He is a good monk, but apparently weak, and Bp. Kiprian et al are apparently trying to exploit his humility to the extent of making him renounce his marvelous, fighting letter — for all the wrong reasons. If he doesn’t get out of there soon, we’re afraid they may capture him. We’ve just written him begging him to leave, even inviting him to come here if there’s no place else. Probably he’s afraid of “imposing” himself on someone’s hospitality. If you have any spare nook, perhaps you could invite him directly, or at least send him a word of encouragement if you aren’t already in contact with him. (Please send his letter back to us.)

We spent a profitable 5 days in San Francisco and Monterey and returned to find summer weather begun and much to do before August. Pray for us.

With love and respect in Christ our Saviour,

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