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035. April 4/17, 1970. Sts. Joseph & George

Dear Father in Christ, Seraphim [Bobich],
Bless us, Father! Rejoice in the Lord!

You cannot imagine the joy and fervor with which we received your letter to us and the Open Letter which Fr. Neketas published. At last, after months of intrigues, half-truths, cowardly compromises, defamation of character — from the Metropolia comes a clear, straightforward, unfearing voice of truth and conscience. Glory to our God! You have said what needs to be said, and we will fight with you on this front, the fight for true Orthodoxy!

Frankly, we would have hesitated to say outright what you have said — we are “Synod” people, and we would be accused of anti-Metropolia hysteria, fanaticism, and the rest. But you have been with them, and know them at first hand — and you say just what needs to be said.

We would like also to print your letter, and the same issue to document some of your statements about Archbishop John Shahovskoy and Fr. Schmemann. We hope to prepare also an Open Letter to Fr. Meyendorff about his recent irresponsible attack on our Synod. If such are the arguments they have against us, then they have no case at all and are operating on the basis of their emotions — and exactly according to the plan by which Nikodim, who knows their psychology, is conducting his warfare against Orthodoxy!

We would like to hear more form you — your present plans, etc. Do you know of anyone else in the Metropolia who has spoken out (besides Fr. Alexy Ionov, Mme. Tolstaya and others in the Russian press)?

Probably you will not have an easy time now — the devil will try to stir up all kinds of trouble for you. But God protects those who witness for Him. Our prayers are with you.

We ask your prayers also for us. By God s will and the prayers of his saints we have found an isolated place where, we pray, there may soon be a small skete. At present there are just the two of us. Gleb is a graduate of Jordanville and once visited you at St. Tikhons (some years ago).

With love in Christ our Saviour,
Eugene Rose

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