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024. May 3/16, 1966

Christ is Risen!
Dear Gleb,

Here is your telegram, which arrived during vigil Sat. night. Also the check for VI. Seraphim. Two people came by Sunday to congratulate you:

1. Vera Utehina, who also gives her greetings to Ija.

2. Mrs. Goch (Ira Nikitina), who knew you in Latvia, I gathered. Her address now is: 3587 Notre Dame Dr., Santa Clara Telephone: 241-9521

According to Deacon Nikolay, Archimandrite Amvrossy is attached permanently to our Cathedral. There is also apparently something to the rumor that he went over (for a short while) to the Metropolia, but I haven’t heard the full story.

The rest of the brochure is finally set up and will be printed tomorrow. I’m printing 4000 copies, which takes a long time.

The neighborhood stray cat who chose us for the honor had her 4 kittens this morning in our back room. Whether that is supposed to have any significance I don’t know.

I will start setting up St. Nectarios before this weekend and have everything ready for efficient work. What’s your verdict on the color picture?

Pray for me.

In Christ your brother,

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