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020. Tuesday. 14/27 Oct, 1964

Dear Gleb,

I received your letter this morning and have despatched the letter to Martianoff. I added a note about the 6 calendars, so you don’t have to bother — but save the envelope for future use.

The Service to St. John is being sent from Jordanville (I received the bill today), so you needn’t mention it in your letter.

We have a chance to sell the two gold rizas after all if we can get them right away — please write immediately (and tell him to rush the order).

You are not the only one who is possessed by depression. I have been attacked especially strongly in the last week or so. This only means that the devil doesn’t want us to start a magazine. But with the aid of the Lord and His Saints, we can fight him! Once we get busy, things will be much better. I started building a bookcase yesterday, and already I feel better! I’m ordering some more type today, and some paper this week, so we can begin soon. If the boys will help us I think we will have no problems. I still think we can have a first issue out in December. If you will give me proper instructions, I can see about having a sample сlісhe made next week.

Pray for me.

Your sinful brother in Christ,

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