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019. 13/26 Oct., 1964. Icon of the Iveron Mother of God

Dear brother in Christ, Gleb,

Our printing boys came yesterday and turned out some nice work. If they will give us much help, our work will be fairly easy!

Business was bad yesterday, and even though the whole week was better than usual, we are still a long way from making money — and to support a printing press we have to make lots of money. We have to have an ad in the newspaper very soon, but we must have rizas first, so that people will not come to us and get the impression that we are just amateurs and can’t supply them with even the most ordinary religious articles. Therefore:

  1. Please look up the letter from the riza-deacon in New York (and bring it with you this weekend so I can mark the prices down somewhere) and order from him two gold and two silver rizas of each of the smaller two sizes (that is, four pairs altogether); we’ve waited so long now that we’ll have to take them sight unseen. Then I can make some kiots and we can be in business. I lost a $25 sale this week because we had no rizas.
  2. Order 6 calendars from Martianoff — a few people do seem to want them.
  3. From Jordanville order the following:
  4. Service to Fr. John of Kronstadt (somebody has just printed it, and it is probably Jordanville). At least 25 copies.
  5. Icons size 8×10”:

20 each of:

St. Pantaleimon, St. Nicholas (half-stature), St. Nicholas (full-stature), Of the Passion.

10 each of:

Wetbeard, Iverskaya, St. Paraskeva, Znamenie, Annunciation, Baptism of Christ, Palm Sunday, Ascension, Pentecost.

  1. Small icons (4 x 8):

20 each of St. Ekaterina, and Vera, Nadezhda, Liubov, Sophia.

  1. 1965 calendar, if its ready yet. 20 copies.

For the moment the icons are most important.

I’m sorry to write so much about business, but we do have to have our feet on the ground before we can do much dreaming. We’re dreaming about a magazine and we can’t even afford the paper!

Nonetheless, if we work hard God will bless us. Pray for me.

In Christ, your brother,


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