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015. Great Wednesday

Dear Gleb,

Much business yesterday ($35) — a constant stream of people to buy cards; but today nothing at all for 3 hours. A man bought some books for a Russian girl who wants to commit suicide — pray for her (Barbara). Our friend finished Feophil in one sitting (he stayed up half the night), and apparently enjoyed it. His impression: everything is possible with faith, love, and humility.

Today was Fr. Leonid’s name-day, and many came to pray with him.

Our advertising material is being mimeographed today, and it will be ready for mailing by the end of the week.

I hope you will be able to come on Sunday. We could have a small Easter feast in the evening. I plan to go to Holy Communion tomorrow, please forgive me for everything, and pray for me.

Your sinful brother in Christ,

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