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014 Monday morning [2/22/] 1964

Dear Gleb

I don’t know whether I’ll see you today or not, so I’ll mail this now. You didn’t fill out the whole withdrawal slip, and the bank is sure to be suspicious if it’s filled out in two different handwritings. Anyway, I probably won’t be downtown for a few days. Why don’t you just fill it out and mail it in? They would send it back by return mail.

I finished most of one bookcases yesterday, and hope to get them both in place by this afternoon.

I heard most of VI. Filofei’s last night and was extremely unimpressed.

The most important things for you to do by next weekend are to contact Ariadna Ivanovna about advertising, VI. Nektary about blessing (you should call him as soon as you arrive Fri. night, to make sure he has time), and making preparations for silk-screen cards.

Your Slavonic sign looks very nice.

Mme. Langeron brought her cot yesterday. She thinks she knows someone who makes eggs.

Pray for me.

Your sinful brother in Christ,

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