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013. Feb 21/ March 3. Tuesday morning

Dear Gleb,

There was a package from Jordanville this morning, but I can’t pick it up until tomorrow. I’ll let you know what’s in it.

I got to your bank yesterday just as it was closing, just in time to see that they had deposit slips out, but no withdrawal slips. I presume one has to ask them for these, and I’m afraid they would regard me rather suspiciously if I did. But they do business by mail also. Why don’t you just send them your bank book and a signed note stating the amount you want to withdraw, and they’ll probably fill out the withdrawal slip for you and send you the money.

I got enough lumber yesterday for two bookcases, and I’m expecting delivery at any minute (I’m in the shop). It cost $15, including cutting and delivery charge. That’s about $5 more than I wanted to pay, but $5 less than it would have cost at the other place, and less than half what it would cost to buy them already made (if someone made them, that is). I changed the plan somewhat and managed to save a little money.

That was a good idea of Iya’s to have me write about icons for Blagovestnik. I’ve almost finished the article. I think the Vladimir “youth” is going to meet Bishop Philotheus Thursday night.

I’m enclosing a letter that arrived this morning.

Pray for me.

Your sinful brother in Christ,

P.S. If your mother can make nice Easter eggs, try to get her interested. We’ll pay her a commission!

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