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009 Jan. 14/27, 1964. Feast of St. Savva of Serbia

Dear Brother in Christ, Gleb,

This morning we left our decision up to St. Savva and our Lord. The Gospel reading for Saint Savva (St. John X, 9-16) ends, “I have other sheep also which do not belong to this fold. I must bring them in also, and they will hear my voice. Then they will all become one flock and one shepherd.”

In my own Gospel reading (one chapter daily) I read today St. Luke X — which, if you recall, was the same passage I opened at random and we both read when we were returning by train from Carmel almost exactly a year ago, “The Lord sent them two and two before His face into every city and place, whither He Himself would come. Then He saith unto His disciples, the Harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest…. Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and salute no man by the way…”

And Jon, opening the Psalms at random, read (Ps. 36:16),
“Better is the little which the just man hath than the great riches of sinners…. They shall not be put to shame in an evil time, and in days of famine they shall be filled…. By the Lord are the steps of a man righty directed, and His way shall he greatly desire.”

I think the place next to the new Sobor [cathedral] is perfect. If we cannot succeed there, we can succeed nowhere. The location itself is probably worth at least $50 a month in advertising. I’ve talked to the owner and made an agreement: the rent does not start until Feb. 15, so we have almost 3 weeks free. I will pay the first months rent tomorrow. I will talk to the Zavarins tonight, but I’m sure they will lend us something. They want to bring the matter up at the meeting Sunday, and perhaps others will help out too. They know several sources of Russian books in Paris, including one who might give us books on the same terms as Jordanville. There is no reason why we cannot succeed. We have, theoretically, $250 now, and need (according to my calculations) about $250 more to begin. Pray! We’ll see you Friday.

In Christ,

P.S. You will have to apply pressure to Jordanville. Persuade them that I am a very astute businessman (!). Contact Shura again, and Vladimir, and have them pack the books if necessary!

Jon reports that this is a very auspicious day for beginning our work. God is with us!

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