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Chronicles of the St. Herman Brotherhood and St. Herman of Alaska Monastery: 1960s

NS. 13 Aug, 1964: Yesterday a young Greek, John Karris, came to us, expressing his love for true Orthodoxy and his bitterness over the faithlessness and opportunism of Greeks in America. He has a good voice and knows Church music, but apparently does not even go to church now out of disgust. He is full of zeal (having forcibly “returned” his Catholic wife and her uncle and aunt to Orthodoxy) but apparently despairs of being able to serve the Church if he has to remain in America (he has been here 7 1/2 years).

It is God Who sends everyone to us. What is the meaning for us of this meeting?

We must become, in some way and to some measure, a meeting place for all Orthodox who wish to remain faithful to the true Church, so that there can be in some fashion a united testimony of true Orthodoxy, and a communion of the faithful remnant of all Orthodox peoples.

The form this communion might take seems rather indefinite as yet. It will not be “Pan- Orthodoxy,” an indiscriminate mixing and Americanization of Orthodox nationalities; that is the death of Orthodoxy. An “American Church” is not what is needed; for Americans are only one of the peoples called to witness Orthodox Truth. Probably no formal organization at all is needed; but somehow there must be contact between the faithful remnant of all Orthodox peoples, in order to give us strength to withstand the battles and temptations that are to come.

God has prospered our beginning, and that is a clear indication that we are to continue what we have begun. Next we must begin a spiritual magazine, in English, perhaps with facilities for translating from Greek and Russian.

N.S. 4 Sept., 1964 Yesterday two Greek priests came in. The impression: strictly Catholic. The same modernist, flippant tone and (at least in the case of one of them) an appalling ignorance of and indifference to books on the spiritual life. One of them had apparently not even heard of the Phtlocalia, and the other had had it recommended to him as a “good book.” If these are todays pastors, what hope can there be for the flock?

All the more important, therefore, to make available the voice (or just a voice) of true Orthodoxy to whoever will hear it. For this a magazine must be started soon.

8/21 Sept. Feast of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God: Today the Brotherhood s first printing press was bought. Now our real work can begin. And now we can at least say that we have existed for six months and that we own a printing press. Whatever we may think, we have not been entirely idle. Now, for a while at least, our ideological fantasies must be replaced by the practical problems of getting the press into operation. We are weak, but if God is with us anything is possible. May God help us!

10/23 Sept. A young man, bearded, came to us today — a Roman Catholic convert, now about to become a Mormon, because he finds no “holiness” in the Catholic Church. Sectarian groups, such as the Mormons and Christian Scientists, appeal to young people today who sense that Catholicism and Protestantism are lacking something essential, that they are in fact forms that no longer have a meaning. Knowing nothing of Holy Orthodoxy — which is the reality of which Catholicism and Protestantism are pale shadows — they turn to sectarian teachings that pretend to supply the lost meaning.

It is the more serious of today’s youth that are turning to sectarianism. Enthusiastic “ecumenical” Catholics and Protestants (and Orthodox) are not, I think, very serious; they are caught up in a fashionable, “up-to-date” current whose appeal is essentially superficial, not in the least’Spiritual. But sectarianism is not fashionable; those who turn to it do so as individuals and for motives that may be twisted and confused, but nonetheless are striving for something genuinely spiritual. For these people, if they find out about Holy Orthodoxy, there is some hope.

Our young visitor seemed genuinely moved to hear just a few things about Orthodoxy, perhaps enough to suggest to him that in Orthodoxy is to be found that which he sought and failed to find in Catholicism. I gave him a pamphlet on St. Seraphim. May God bless those seeds that have been planted, and water them with His Grace. Now we have the means of sowing more such seeds.

17/30 Sept. Sts. Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov, and Sofia: Today, less that 24 hours after our printing press arrived, Archbishop John came to our shop “by chance.” When he saw the press his first thought was to bless it with holy water and prayer, which he did immediately. Thus our press is spiritually born on this day.

18 Sept./1 Oct. Today a Catholic student came in, having been told our shop was the most likely place to find information on Orthodoxy. Undoubtedly, as we grow we will more and more come to be recognized as an “Orthodox information center” — and that is our opportunity. Now with a press we can begin to print reliable Orthodox “information.” A whole series of pamphlets for various need can be easily printed, in addition to our journal and small books. Our every word, then, must be carefully considered, for in every word the truth is at stake.

(Letter in a box, a copy of Archbishop Johns blessing to begin a magazine called The Orthodox Word, 17 Sept. 1964)

This is a copy of a card received this week from Rt. Rev. Archbishop Joann (Maximovitch) of San Francisco and the Western States.

The 12th of September of 1964, the day of St. Alexander Nevsky, at 8 in the evening the following brief statement of the Brotherhood s ideas have been read in the presence of 4 members, brothers, of the Fr. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood. After hearing the reading the 4 brothers, Rt. Rev. Hieromonk Sava (Anthony Ulrich), reader Gleb Podmoshensky, Eugene Rose and Vladimir Tenkevich, held these ideas in common:

The Fr. Herman Brotherhood

A. The Aim: —

…By glorifying Fr. Herman propagate true Orthodox spirituality by the means of
1. — personal spiritual life
2. — collecting, translating, printing and distributing Orthodox ascetic literature
3. — and directing this activity to all young people and others…

B. Practical approaches:
1. Bookstore for {1. distributing literature 2. gaining “holy money”
2. Print own periodical in English language (also lectures, illustrated, etc.)
3. Skete in wooded area to lead Orthodox ascetic life and to house a print shop.

C. Spiritual Advisor:
1. Rev. Archbishop John Maximovitch, he blessed brotherhood on St. Job of Pochaevsky day in 1963.
2. Rev. Nektary Konzevitch, he blessed the store in March, 1964.

D. Achievements:
1. Bookstore ($2500 of spiritual literature sold in a period of 1/2 year)
2. Four brothers

E. Brothers agreement:
1. Intention to devote whole life to the service of the Holy Orthodox Apostolic Church.

F. Problems, practical
1. Need of funds for —
a.) printing press, etc.
b.) upkeep of the bookstore, advertisement
c.) maintaining land property for a skete (ckutb)
2. Lack of Christian togetherness.

G. The Brotherhood Funds — donations, gifts from:
1. Rev. Gerasim Schmaltz, Alaska $25.00

5/18 Oct. Today the first page was printed on the new press: one of the “Spiritual Instructions” of St. Seraphim. Our first attempt was successful, and all that is needed now is refinement.

15/28 Oct. An important question today: What can be done about Orthodox young people? Are not many of them losing faith and straying from the Church? The answer of many to this question is: dances, picnics, social gatherings. But this is a worldly answer — as though gathering people together were an end in itself, and a short prayer or talk sufficient to make the occasion “religious” and “Christian.” But these things pass and are forgotten, and no one is the more Christian for them.

What does youth want? Not many are really satisfied by the pursuit of pleasure — that is an escape; nor by lecturer (though an occasional appropriate lecture might do some good). Youth is full of ideals and wishes to do something to serve these ideals. The answer for someone who wishes to work with youth and to keep them in the Church, is to give them something to do, something useful and at the same time idealistic.

Our printing press is perfect in both regards, and already we have three Russian young people who seem enthusiastic about helping with it — Petya, Alyosha, Misha. This is something small, but it is a good beginning. God will teach us what more we can do!

29 Oct./11 Nov. The world is becoming interested in Holy Orthodoxy, and to this interest Orthodox respond with — what? New journals, pamphlets, books abound, as do “pan-Orthodox” and “ecumenical” groups; but to what end, and with what result? My own impression is that Orthodoxy is being written about, described, analyzed, but nowhere is it being preached, practiced, lived. It is presented to the curious as one religion among many, with its own “riches” that can be “shared” with others in the mutual “dialogue” of ecumenism. But no one is preaching Holy Orthodoxy as the one true faith necessary to salvation. Contemporary spokesmen for Orthodoxy present as their goal the attainment of a time of ecumenical harmony, tolerance, and mutual respect — not a crusade for the conversion of souls.

That is why our “word” is necessary, as weak and unworthy of Holy Orthodoxy as we are. Ours is, not a “treasury” of past glories, but the living Truth itself; not one word among many, but the Orthodox Word; not one possible alternative, but the Christian path.

13/26 Dec. Today, on the anniversary of Fr. Hermans death, a pannikhida was served in our bookstore by Archbishop John. In his sermon, as earlier after the liturgy at St. Tikhons Church, he spoke of our brotherhood and offered his congratulations on the feast day of our heavenly protector, Father Herman. At his insistence, at the conclusion of the pannikhida “YOrasttaevui” was sung, thus offering and early public recognition of what will apparently soon be a fact: the canonization of Father Herman.

16/29 Dec. Today Fr. Spyridon served a moleben in our shop for the beginning of our journal, The Orthodox Word. In his short sermon he spoke of the need to preach the word of the true Church of Christ today, so that there may be fulfilled the infallible prophecy of Holy Scripture.

He spoke also of the importance of preaching in the English language, which is the most widely spoken in the world. Truly, our responsibility is great.

Chronicle 1965.

26 Dec./8 Jan. Some publishing ideas:

On glancing at several OLOGOS pamphlets, the thought occurs — why not do seriously what they only toy with? They publish a series of pamphlets on the major feasts, explaining the scripture passages relating to the feast and a few points of the services, adding a few modernist and masonic comments of their own. Would it not be possible to publish a set of really serious pamphlets on the feasts, pamphlets of permanent value, not merely to be read and thrown away? Perhaps later they could be bound together as a book.

The most important idea in such a series: a complete commentary on the meaning of each feast, taken from the texts of the services: prokeimen, troparion, kontakion, parables, canon, apostol and Gospel, together with significant features of the services and reproduction and explanation of the icon of the feast. What this would actually involve is a set of treatises on the theology of the feasts. It would be a difficult work, but extremely rewarding both to compiler and reader. Such are the tasks our Brotherhood must set for itself if it wishes to disseminate an understanding of true Orthodoxy.

6/19 Jan. The Baptism of the Lord: Today, after the blessing of waters in the church yard next door, Fr. Spyridon came to the shop and drenched everyone and everything with holy water. In our Church one is enabled to sense even physically the outpouring of Divine Grace!

9/22 Feb. The wonder-working Kursko-Korennaya icon of the Mother of God, which arrived with Metropolitan Philaret from Australia, was brought by Archbishop John today to our shop, and all corners blessed with it as also a copy of our first magazine, which was placed next to it. This is the second visit of the Icon to us, the last one being last fall when Fr. Spyridon brought it. Unfortunately the magazine was not quite finished, so we could not present the Metropolitan with one.

1/14 Mar. Today, after the feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, which lasted in the cathedral next door until 3:30, Fr. Spyridon came to serve a moleben of thanksgiving for the publication of the first issue of the magazine. What a joyous feeling one has spending the whole day in prayer! Fr. Spyridon again gave a short sermon emphasizing the importance of our work in spreading the Word of God. Yesterday we began printing the second issue. From now on there are supposed to be services in the cathedral every day — that will be a great help and comfort for us.

25 Mar./7 Apr. Today Br. Eugene was ordained Reader in the Cathedral. Thus one more preparation has been made for the day when our Brotherhood shall become a monastic one.

6/19 May. Mid-Pentecost: Today Archbishop John came to bless our store with holy water from the service in the cathedral. Divine blessings do not leave us — may we be strengthened by them and use them well!

Apr. 26/May 8 The Orthodox Word No. 2 was finished at last — over two weeks late for Easter.

June 15/28 Eve of St. Tikhon Kalushsky: Today Brs. Gleb and Eugene looked at electric printing presses and found a suitable one. In the evening Archbishop John gave his blessing for this important step, and gave us encouragement.

July. We were visited for several weeks by Br. Nicholas Holowka, a Jordanville seminarian. Just as we were printing our issue on Pochaev, one Saturday he walked in and told of a relative visiting his family from the USSR and telling of present-day persecutions at Pochaev. He is an enthusiastic supporter of our work and perhaps a future brother-worker. God grant it! He left, too soon, on July 12.

July 3/16 Eve of the martyrdom of Tsar Nicholas II: The new press arrived. It broke a front window, and it needs some adjustment to make it run slower, but it should help us enormously. The hand press was simply too much work to continue with.

July 18/31 The Orthodox Word No. 3, is finished — over a month late. It was finished completely on the hand press, the new press not yet being in working order. The first 3 issues were truly a podvig!

Oct. 2/15 The Orthodox Word No. 4 is completed — now we are two months behind! But we do have something to show for our labors.

Oct. 17/30 Three, independent happenings — is there a connection here that we are supposed to get? Oct. 30. Br. Gleb suggested a leaflet, something like Drarobtcumblubt — weekly leaflet, giving Church information from the calendar and life of a saint for every week, to be distributed in Orthodox Churches all over the country (in English) — a kind of weekly course of Christian instruction. Oct. 31. Vladika Ioann suggested that we prepare for English services at the St. John of Kronstadt altar in the new Cathedral by Christmas. Nov. 1 Feast of St. John of Kronstadt.

Is there something for us to learn here about our mission in spreading Orthodoxy in English?

Oct. 21/Nov. 3 St. Ilarion the Great. Br. Anthony arrives. A new chapter in the Brotherhood begins.

Nov. 16/29 St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist. Paper cutter arrives and is blessed by Vladika Ioann. Our printshop expands.

Nov. 20./ Dec. 3 The Orthodox Word, No. 5 is finished — again very late.

Dec. The visit of Br. Nicholas Maharadze, formerly of Jordanville and cell-attendant of Metr. Anastassy, now a marine. Enthusiastic about our Brotherhood, perhaps in four years will return to join us.

Dec. 13/26 Anniversary of Fr. Herman’s death. Sat. night VI. Ioann came to our shop to serve a panikhida and take the icon of Fr. Herman to the Cathedral, accompanied by servers and the Brotherhood. It was placed on a stand on one side of the Church for public veneration. Sunday after the Liturgy the choir sang the troparion to Fr. Herman, and VI. Ioann brought the icon back to the shop, where the “velichaem” was sung.

The afternoon was spent profitably in a talk with Deacon Nicholas (Porshnikov), who but for his wife would be with us already. Our spirits raised, the three brothers walked along the ocean and talked of plans for the monastery.

Dec. 16/29 Br. Anthony leaves suddenly to return to his Serbian Church as a priest, leaving us only a short note. Vladika Ioann’s only comment: “So he was hembepdoiu.” Surely, our Brotherhood is to be built by hard experience!

Chronicle 1966.

Dec. 19/Jan. 1 Sts. Boniface and Ignaty. The first English service in the new Cathedral. Archbishop John officiated, together with Frs. Spyridon, Nicholas, and John, and Deacon Nicholas. Brs. Gleb and Eugene were the whole choir and performed creditably if not stunningly. Br. Nicholas Marr served in the altar.

Jan. 22/Feb. 4 The Orthodox Word #6 is finished. One year completed!

Apr. 18/ May 1 The Orthodox Word #7 completed.

May 28/June 10 This afternoon Br. Lawrence (Campbell) was baptized and received into the Orthodox Church in the basement of the new Cathedral by Archimandrite Amvrossy. Br. Eugene was godfather, and Br. Jon and one lady were present. The devil has been fighting for the soul of this man. This is an example of how our Lord can melt the heart of a man and change him, giving him a new start in life. Br. Lawrence is perhaps a future monk, perhaps with us.

June 6/19 Today the second English service was held in the new Cathedral. Vladika Ioann gave us less than a week’s notice to begin the English services and continue them every other Sunday. Archimandrite Amvrossy served, and there was choir of three: Brs. Gleb and Eugene, and Vadim Wright, a newly revealed brother who unfortunately is leaving soon for Vancouver to go to school. The singing was quite unpolished. Attendance was good, but with apparently very few English-speaking people.

June 15/28 Eve of St. Tikhon Kalugsky. Vladika Ioann visited us with Br. Pavel — it was to be his last visit. He brought the miraculous Kursk icon and blessed our shop and printing room. He spoke of saints: he promised to give us a list of canonized Roumanian saints and disciples of Paissy Velichkovsky. He mentioned having compiled (when in France) a list of Western pre-schism saints which he presented to the Holy Synod. He mentioned in particular the English martyr St. Alban, a short life of whom he showed us. He told us that he would serve in the evening and next day at St. Tikhons, it being the feast of Sts. Tikhon Kalugsky and Tikhon Amafunsky. and the name-day of St. Tikhon Zadonsky. Br. Eugene managed to attend the service in the evening, but failed to attend the next day, thus perhaps missing some last word of instruction for the Brotherhood, since Vladika then already knew of his imminent death.

June 19/July 2 Tonight we were informed, just before the beginning of the All-night Vigil, of the sudden death of our beloved Vladika Ioann, in Seatde. The Brotherhood mourns the loss of its Archpastor and spiritual guide. Perhaps this is the end of the first stage of the existence of our Brotherhood. This truly righteous man was a gentle guider and inspirer of our first unsure steps, and now weak as we are, we will be from now on “on our own.” May our dear Vladika Ioann, now in the Kingdom of Heaven, be our guide still, and may we be faithful to his example of true Orthodox life and to the spiritual testament which he has left us.

Borhae eny Tamamb!

June 20/July 3 Today, with heavy hearts, the Brotherhood assisted at the second bi-weekly English Liturgy, which will continue with Vladika Ioanns blessing. Archimandrite Amvrossy served, and Brs. Gleb, Eugene, and Vadim formed the choir.

Amid the talk of the “testament of Vladika Ioann,” what has our Brotherhood to offer? This seems to be clearly indicated both by our very nature and by VI. Ioanns instructions to us. On his last visit to us especially, he talked of nothing but saints — Roumanian, English, French, Russian. Is it not therefore our duty to remember the saints of God, following as closely as possible Vladika’s example? I.e., to know their lives, nourish our spiritual lives by constantly reading of them, making them known to others by speaking of them and printing them — and by praying to the saints. When we have our skete we must have services to them as Vladika did, making the yearly cycle of saints’ days a part of our breath and life.

June 24/July 7 Birth of St. John the Baptist: In the evening, the funeral and burial of Vladika Ioann in the basement crypt. This is fully described in The Orthodox Word, vol 2, #3 (9).

June 26/July 9 The Orthodox Word #8 finished and dedicated to VI. Ioann.

June 30/July 13 Bishop Savva (of Edmonton) attempted to interest Br. Eugene in a different path: attendance at the Seminary at Jordanville, ordination, a possible bishopric. This would enable one to “organize” something and really get missionary activity started. He sees our bookshop and even our magazine as much effort expended with negligible results. Br. Gleb foresaw (and mentioned just a few days earlier!) such attempts to swerve us from our path for the sake of greater efficiency and organization.

But that raises the question — what is our path, and where does it lead? The brothers have never, in so many words, set a definite goal for themselves, but have rather felt their way from day to day, trusting in God’s Providence and the gentle guidance of Vladika Ioann, building upon daily labor and prayer (feeble as these have been) rather than plans and organization. God has so far blessed this path, and it seems clearly to be leading (bold as that is) to the formation of a monastic brotherhood and a skete that will be a missionary center.

To sustain such an undertaking there must be generated a spiritual energy. Bp. Savva’s plan would require this energy to emanate from a single organizer — such as the late Archbp. Vitaly. But all of us are weak, and if the whole enterprise were to depend on one of us, it would surely fail. To say this is not to doubt God s help which is given to those who fervently ask it — it is simply to look at ourselves realistically for what we are.

But there is another way to generate spiritual energy, and it is this way that we have, with greater or less success, been following for the past 2 1/2 years. This is the generation of spiritual energy through brotherhood. When “two or three are gathered together in My Name” — then anything becomes possible, if they have true faith and are bound together by true love. The times are late, there are no startsi — now perhaps it is only brothers working together who can accomplish something in such a large undertaking as missionary work (for few are given this) but by the love we bear’ one another, which is expected of all.

We are on the right path, but it is a difficult path and will become more difficult as more brothers come to us. Vladika Vitaly made out of 7 brothers over a hundred — but that is not the most difficult part. The most difficult is to make two from separate brothers: this we already have; and almost as difficult is to make three from two: this is perhaps already in sight for us. From three the prospects are unlimited.

If now we will really have three brothers, our next task is to find a piece of land and begin the boldest and most dangerous part of our path: the formation of a skete. May God and our heavenly patrons — Fr. Herman and Vladika Ioann, help us!

Aug. 10/23 St. Lawrence the Archdeacon: Br. Lawrence spent a. spiritually profitably day and was even given an unmistakable “sign” by St. Mary of Egypt that he is on the right path. He is himself a “sign” to us: a typical modern man, skeptical, disillusioned, far from God, undergoes in contact with Holy Orthodoxy a spiritual rebirth, a literal transplantation from the soil of worldliness to the soil of Christianity and a church-oriented life. He still has far to go, his roots are not yet firm and deep in the new soil, but he is going the right way. He is a proof to us that we are on the right path — that it is not a “new Christianity” of social action, ecumenism, empty ideas and false “love” that God calls man to, but (as always in the past) a life of repentance, podvig, grace, in the Church, attested by miracles. It is this life that even today softens and converts the heart of a man to God.

Chronicle 1967.

June 20/July 3 Today Brs. Gleb, Eugene and Lawrence looked at an ideal piece of land on a mountain-top just south of Platina. It has everything for inspiration — forest, isolation (2 miles from anyone), views of mountains, snow in winter — but no water; perhaps the latter is the “proof” that we should buy, since we do not want to live by the wisdom of this world. It has a half-finished hunting cabin, and much work will be required. The brothers prayed especially hard before going on this trip, receiving Holy Communion at the Sepulchre of Archbishop John on the first anniversary of his death the day before.

June 22/July 5 Brs. Gleb and Eugene, with Nicholas Marr, visit the land a second time and sing an akathist on the rock on the top of the mountain. On returning the next day, Br. Eugene is offered the job of psalm-reader in the SF Cathedral at a salary of $100 a month — exactly the amount needed to buy the land! The land is bought.

Oct. 12 Brs. Eugene, Gleb and Lawrence visit Platina.

Chronicle 1968.

Feb. 12. Brs. Gleb, Eugene and Lawrence visit Platina — snow.

Lent: Nicholas Holowka comes to help us, but soon becomes disillusioned and falls into criticism. Teaches Br. Eugene to drive, leaves in a_______?], but doesn’t want ours. Spreads tales that we are collapsing.

April 15th Brs. Gleb, Eugene and Nicholas go in Nicholas’ Volkswagen to Platina.

May Br. Gleb goes by bus and hitchhiking to Platina, works for a week alone, sees bear. Brs. Nicholas and Eugene come and visit for a week.

July Brs. Nicholas and Eugene begin cement work on printshop — very slow.

Sept. : Br. Eugene comes alone (Br. Nicholas lost interest in working) and fells and hews logs for print- shop, finishes four basic logs and puts on cement piers — building of log cabin will be very long. Hopes to finish by winter time.

Nov. Brs. Eugene and Gleb go to Platina — building inspector forbids further continuation. We will not move in this year. Anthony Argenda comes to help by bus for a few days.

No more trips to Platina until spring — brothers hear of terrible snows in Northern California.

Chronicle 1969.

Jan. 17, 1969 (Jan. 30 N. Style) St. Anthony the Great [Gleb’s handwriting]

Our Almighty God still has great mercy on us. Still grants us hope, daringness and perspective for this 1969 year — as the year of plowing the hill of Platina in order to bring forth fruit. We, follow to the endth degree, have but one alternative to go on and on — on the way God blessed us — and to regard all trouble, misunderstandings and falls — as temptations of the devil who seeks to turns us back. This year we must accomplish the following minimum:

1. Publish 6 issues of The Orthodox Word.
2. Finish Ma Tepetx Bohisu Ptku
3. Fr. Herman’s Book
4. Move the presses by May to Platina
5. Vladika’s day — last day of Ncanomxukz
6. From that day on — until God does us two — Brs. Eugene and Gleb — part — to conduct daily cycle of services on the Platina Mount without fail (vespers, nobeuepie, movmohim uxtpenr).
7. Shop closed — English books to Platina to continue book-by-mail.
8. Build necessary buildings to house the machinery and prepare for winter.
9. Investigate wells, etc.
10. Have the skete and its XCTABz blessed by a ruling bishop.
[Eugene’s handwriting:] I approve. Br. E

Mar. 7 – Brs. Gleb and Eugene have several days off to come to Platina — walk through 4 feet of snow and barely reach the cabin. Life here will not be easy!

April afier Pascha. Brs. Gleb and Eugene take a week off to work. Somehow the air makes them exhausted and little seems to get done. They are waiting for permit to resume continuing on print- shop.

May: Building permit received — hope for moving in. Elizabeth gives $1,000. God evidently favors.

June 19/July 2: The brothers’ last time in Sepulchre as workers in SE

June: Brs. Gleb and Eugene move into shop in preparation for move. Vladimir Anderson wants to take shop, also stays while going to summer school. Rumor spreads of impending move. Brothers talk to Archbishop Anthony, who expresses approval for the moment.

Aug. 15/28 Move to Platina. Deer come to service. OW27.

Sept. 11/24: Vladika Anthony visits.

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