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On the liberation of Constantinopol …

Here is why I don’t think it will be Mr Putin who will liberate Constantinopol. He is riding on the wave of anger and human passions let loose – that of all those who want to see justice done, for the sake of justice alone. It feels like people want revenge rather than justice. That can’t be God’s justice! This has little to do with True Christianity. Rather, the liberation may come after a miracle of God is made manifest in Russia, so people will know that it will be the result of Righteousness being restored. They may even happen at the same time – the liberation coming during the miracle being manifested. Let us pray that that may come soon.

Surely the iniquities are starting to amount to levels people cannot endure any longer, and they are about to explode even higher – one should take a close look at the financial situation in the world today. Yet one should not assume God’s hand can be forced (asking for justice before righteousness is proclaimed). Justice never comes before repentance, at least it never has …

This is not at all saying a major war can not break out, but a statement only about the liberation of Constantinopol.


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