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Archibishop of Athens, The Pope and the “Orthodox Leader” Bartholomew to meet in Lesbos …

Archibishop of Athens, The Pope and the “Orthodox Leader” Bartholomew to meet in Lesbos. People, know this: Orthodoxy does not have a spiritual leader, for the spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church has always been Christ. That only happens in Catholicism. There is no such thing as “the first amongst equals” in Orthodoxy. When the model of a spiritual leader is pushed in Orthodoxy, know that the antichrist is near, for he will name himself the leader of the Church, instead of Christ.

What we are witnessing here is a demonstration of Liberation Theology in action. This doctrine is meant to prepare the humanity for the ultimate liberator, who will liberate all the oppressed from under the yoke of the oppressor, whomever that oppressor may be. And soon the whole of humanity will find itself amongst the oppressed …


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