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Fleeing The Abomination of Desolation

The homosexual abomination is now unstoppable, coming to stand in the holy place of marriage everywhere, yet people are still hoping things can be reversed. Unfortunately things can’t be reversed and they will only go from bad to worse, for it is written: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35)

What shall we then do? The wisdom of God shows us: FLEE. “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains.”(Matthew 24:15-16)

To understand this warning, let us look what Judaea is in the context of today’s world. The ancient kingdom of Israel was split in two: Samaria – the northern part of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, also known as the Northern Kingdom, and Judea the southern part of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, also known as the Southern Kingdom. Judaea was always considered to be those of the true faith, where Samaria the rogue faith. The life of recently celebrated Holy Prophet Amos (8th century BC – 15/28 June) is a living testimony to this struggle between the right and wrong understanding.

As in many cases, the meaning of the Word in the Bible is not to be always taken literally, and the Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy have always striven to make this point understood. In the particular passage in the Bible we referred to above, Judaea should not be taken necessarily only as stated, but should be understood also as referring to those still of the True Faith, who are warned to flee, not necessarily physically, but spiritually as well.

The world is about to start entering its darkest period in history. The day America announced her regretful decision to support gay marriage, the sign of the divine judgement has been shown: Greece announced that it will default financially. This moment marks the point at which the american owned world financial system shall enter a period of rapid deterioration, leading to its complete demise in a short period of time. What was providentially heralded to the world by the destruction of America’s iconic financial buildings on 9/11, is now coming to fulfillment.

Going forward we should expect great chaos and division. These iniquities, moral, financial or of any other nature, are only going to polarize and exacerbate the hatred of brother against brother, and will inevitably lead to the last revolution – that which will bring about the antichrist. In this war, a common front shall form (and we can already see it), spiritual in nature, that will unite all, in spite of doctrinal differences, in order to denounce and oppose these iniquities, which will be the fulfillment of the ecumenist dream and struggle of centuries.

Therefore it is time to FLEE! Flee from deception, flee from the wisdom of this world, flee from false interpretations of the end times, flee from the coming financial repression, flee from the coming impious revolution, flee from sin and earthly attachments, and hide yourself in the cave of your heart and you own home together with Christ, where you may still be able to preserve your Orthodoxy, until lawlessness has passed. Flee to a high mountain where they cannot reach and drag you down, flee to a mountain where you are alone and can find peace. Flee.

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