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The coming cashless society

The current financial system is being brought down and a new one shall emerge. In the new system, there will be no more cash, as this will prevent any bank runs in the future (they will argue), like it is currently happening in Greece. Money will be in a digital form only.

But before this new system comes in full force, the current one needs to be brought down just like in a controlled demolition and with a lot of pain so people will accept it – we were hinted at how this was going to happen with the controlled demolition that happened on 9/11 to the buildings that were representative of the current financial system.

And here we are, watching the unraveling crisis in Greece and wondering where it is all going. Most of us may not understand what is currently unfolding, and what is at stake, since they have managed to desensitize us over the last 14 years by promoting a continuous state of crisis, terror and fear, telling us it was the new normal. They have tried to numb us hoping that what is happening today will be met with a shrug on our side. They have killed our sense of urgency, and now is when is most important to have it. The global financial house of cards is soon to fall.

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