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French President Hollande – The Illuminati are Behind the Paris Attacks !

Stunning, simply stunning. After already much controversy and ample evidence of another false flag, we get the French president saying this? Unbelievable.

While this may be surprising to many, it is not all that surprising to us. This goes to confirm something we have been trying to say since we started this blog: that a “spiritual awakening” towards the iniquities of the elite, which will lead to a revolution, is in the making.

And there is further proof: all of a sudden, the movement to declassify the 28 page secret 911 report is getting mainstream coverage and support! Is it going to reveal the same thing – that the Illuminati are behind it?


Another point we would like to touch is the whole thing with radical Islam going on in the world right now. Take for example what the Turkish president has just said about the Paris attacks, that Mossad is behind it:


The press did not fail to notice the complete Obama administration absence from the recent Paris solidarity event in which many political heavyweights took part in a Martin Luther King Jr style march, linking arms: Netanyahu, Merkel, Hollande etc. Even Ukrainian president Poroshenko attended! The absence of Obama was significant because the US president is known for his many anti-Christian and pro-Islam statements. Many voices have been saying over many years that Obama is a Muslim. Even the Hostage taker in the recent Lindth Cafe siege in Sydney/Australia, was reported to have asked Mr Obama to come out of the hiding and publicly admit and confess his Muslim religion.

A sinister hypothesis we put out a while ago was that the world was preparing for a false antichrist to emerge on the world scene, possibly from the West, but also from Islam with West’s support. We talked about “The Bible” series in which the Devil looked exactly like Mr Obama and other things. Now, more and more it is starting to look like Mr Obama may be a Muslim. That would explain why he would be absent from the Paris march. We can see a dangerous convergence of Islamic and Illuminati interests here. Will it be proven in the end the Illuminati have been exploiting the radical Muslim ideology all along too?

Just imagine how thunderstruck the simple man will be when a “savior” comes and reveals all these iniquities, finishes off the Illuminati and liberates the world from under the tyranny of the elite, after having deceived the entire humanity all along …

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