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How do you conquer Orthodoxy?

The recipe has been used over and over, as seen in Yugoslavia and most recently in Ukraine. Instigate brother against brother, divide and then bring the “western freedom” in, to create an “open society” as Soros calls it. Open up the holy places as tourist attraction, restrict access for those who really benefit from it, and make sure you get in as many curious visitors as possible, transforming the holy places of Orthodoxy into Disney-lands – this is World Orthodoxy.

That is exactly what they are currently doing in Ukraine. The most important Orthodox pilgrimage site of Orthodoxy after Mount Athos, the Kiev Caves, are the most important target of the West, and they know it. There is hardly any day in the Orthodox Calendar that goes by not commemorating a saint from the Holy Kiev Caves. The West are very close to getting their hands on this site, and they have known how important this was. So much so that Brzezinski made it quite clear as early as in 1997 that they had to gain control of Ukraine!



An Orthodox Tsar would recognize as the most important thing being the preservation of Orthodoxy by defending the Kiev Caves. He would understand and believe that by doing that, God would also intervene and offer His divine protection – that is how Orthodox Christianity worked for centuries – by defending God first and foremost, a nation would benefit by His protection.

Unfortunately things do not seem to be heading into this direction, and if the Kiev Caves Holy site falls, the last resistance site, the Holy Mount Athos will certainly fall too. This is the real reason for as to why so many icons are weeping all across Russia and Ukraine.


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