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Blessed George Calciu’s body found incorrupt after 7 years (updated)

Update Dec 15 2013:

Update Dec 13 2013: It is now that the words of Blessed George Calciu on his dying bed are beginning to be fulfilled: “They are going to fight with us even when we are dead. But we are going to be with you and you will be defending us. And dead we shall prevail !”:


Update Dec 12 2013: A Romanian news channel reveals some frightening allegations. Acording to KanalD TV, a monk was cruelly beaten until he vomited blood by unknown people dressed in black, and another monk (reporters allege it is the same monk), who’s speaks under anonymity and visibly trying to hide his identity out of fear, say that the Romanian Patriarchate and local Metropolitan authority are trying to cover up the whole incident. Tho monk says he witnessed unbelievable miracles taking place during the exhumation including that of Fr Calciu moving his hand and leg, and indeed the video report captures the moment when Blessed George Calciu moves his hand while laying in the coffin. The monk also alleges that Fr George Calciu was sneaked out through a window form the room where he was being venerated, and re-buried in a haste without due procedures being followed.


According to numerous sources Blessed George Calciu foresaw that his body would be found incorrupt and put it in his will in which he says, out of humility, that if his body would ever be found incorrupt, then the priests and hierarchs should pray that any curse would be cast away. By this he clearly indicated even before his death that any other cause, like due to over-embalming as suggested at some point in the commentary, is to be excluded!

It is worth mentioning that the body of another Romanian saint confessor against Communism was found in the same state, that of Blessed Ilie Lacatusu for whom many prayers for absolution were conducted but his condition never changed from the state of incorruption.

Update Dec 11 2013: Bishop Teofan asked that the body of Fr George Calciu be reburied in the same grave. It is sad that the Romanian Patriarchate bishops and the patriarch himself do everything they can to prevent Romanian saints confessors against communism and ecumenism be revered by the larger population. This goes a long way to telling the real story. They cannot allow this to happen because they themselves are preparing to support the coming communist-christian regime and they want no opposition.

Original Article:

Blessed George Calciu’s body has been exhumed from the grave (at Petru Voda Monastery) after 7 years and found to be in-corrupt, and so were the cross and the wooden icon that were buried together with him 7 years ago. We read in another article that Fr George appeared to a monk in his dream asking to be exhumed.

Glory be to God !

The commentators do point out how the (apostate) Romanian Patriarchate is totally opposed to canonizing Fr George Calciu. It is also hard to miss how Catholic examples are mixed in in such a way that can easily make the viewers believe that there is not much difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, although Fr George Calciu was one of the most categorical confessors against ecumenism (second video). The first video is in Romanian and it shows the holy relics. The second one is subtitled into English and contains clips from an interview and a sermon both given in 2005, one year before his repose in The Lord. Fr George Calciu is heard saying:

“…under the guise of Christian love, Christian peace, they hide their perfidious intent … do not get allured by it. So I say to you, woe to those that will be seduced (lead astray), and glory to those that will stand in the right faith to the end …”

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