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Modern ideologies – a departure from God

It seems that we all forget about the way everything started to go on this path of destruction… There is a short list of events which must be look at as main points in regards to the present communist takeover of this world; it is to be noted that the fall of man from God’s grace becomes even more evident, today, a time characterized by this attempt of destroying the Church of Christ, Who is the Orthodox Church, by the evil one through his more and more “daring” servants. This non-exhaustive list of events which could help one to avoid the present pitfalls, leading to utter confusion, can be presented as follows:

  1. The two “systems” (capitalism and communism) were developed in the last few hundred years (from 17th century); capitalism was born since “banking” and “usury“ became “good” ways to “praise” God and one to become very successful and full of worldly glory; on the other hand, in regards to communism from a spiritual perspective, one can look also at some sects and their philosophy, where “equality” and “righteousness” were to become imposed upon people, to death! Communism (atheism) was “developed“, politically, during the time of the so called French revolution, when the “progressive ones” positioned themselves on the left side of that Parliament house, leaving the right side to the representatives of the old regime (in the Holy Scriptures there is a clear reference to this: “He will separate them from one another, just as the Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and He will put the sheep on His right hand and the goats on His left.”);
  2. Long time before French revolution, the sect of Anabaptists (Germany, 15th century) proposed and somehow put in practice the “ideal” of equality in terms of wealth, by declaring common property the only viable option, urging everybody to give up own goods, in the city of Munster which was declared the “New Jerusalem”; obviously it is about a world which already lives in apostasy, coming from the departure from Orthodoxy; the Roman-Catholics already had about 500 years away, at that time, from their disconnection from the only True Church;
  3. It is interesting to look at the way that communism (the real ideology of the antichrist), tricks man to find other “options” and alternatives to this demonic ideology: capitalism “was” the most powerful “alternative”!
  4. If Bolshevism could be easily detected (as opposite to capitalism) some time ago, present time communism (as already fully developed in the “greatest capitalist countries on earth”) can be simply confused with this “great” society of “supply and demand”; one who has an Orthodox understanding will never be confused by such schemes…
  5. A very important issue, related to a quickly produced propaganda, is the use of term ‘fascism’ through the official media (own by Zionists) with only derogatory attributes attached to; in official media, in its long, long, long years of deceptive work, the magic political correctness philosophy must be accepted by everybody; actually one can’t be fascist if he is Orthodox, but one also has to recognize that man is naturally revolting against un-natural things; the un-natural things are easily identified and avoided by man (a clear description to Bolshevism is given by Saint Justin Popovic: “communist community is an artificial community”); Blessed Martyr Cornelius (the Romanian founder of the Legion of Archangel Michael, in 1927) wrote that “The ultimate goal of man is not this life, but his Resurrection. Nations resurrect in the name of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer (…) That final moment, the Resurrection from the dead, is the highest and most sublime aim to which a nation can rise to!”
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