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Attitudes Magazine (Monastery Petru Voda) – Elpidios Vagianakis Father prophecy about the new pope, the antichrist and evil power chip

The Time of Antichrist. “You young ones, you will see”

Do not grieve, Grandpa, you will not see the Antichrist. You’ll only see the false prophet and you’ll fight him. But you, my young, you, my little man, you shall see the Antichrist. Nowadays this will happen. I will not get to see him. Only the false prophet I will fight, we will fight with all pseudo-prophet. And I pray to God to make us worthy to confess Him, the Jesus Christ, as true God of our hearts and to resist false prophet.
For me, as soon as I die, the antichrist will come. You little ones, you’ll see him. Us, the older ones we won’t see him. You know, children, that in our time the greatest wonders of the world will happen. You little ones will have power to prophesy and see the truth behind appearances, whereas the eyes of others will not be able to see. Why do you have this power? First of all your faith in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Father asks us not only to love Him but to love Him with all your heart, let him be to you all. And our Saviour, the most merciful son of God will be the king of your heart. And he will not leave you, he will hold you tight in his arms and in his heart and his body and blood, we will give you the power to see what others can not see. Again I tell you, only you will understand!
Know that in those days, Satan, because he knows that only the sacraments will give people the power, they will forbid by law the sacrifice of Holy Communion. They will hold church councils to change all Sacraments. Therefore there will be no sacraments. This is beginning to happen. We see what is happening now with the sacrament of wedding …

I ask you to make a prayer chain. About World War

Sincerely hope that your hearts are filled with faith and hope, and whatever you do, every thought, every determined, say, God, You are my father, and I am your baby. Help me, cover me, remove fear from me, because I’m entrusting my life to you! If we at least could pray like that. This will be blessed!
Especially for the coming times, so terrible times of disorder, the pain will rule the whole world, the peace will disappear from the world and serenity from men’s hearts. Do not be alarmed when you see the fire burning around Greece! Do not be afraid when politicians will kill each other and states will collapse. There will be great division among countries. You will see large fires surrounding our country. But be frightened only when you lose faith in God! This will be allowed by God because of our indifference to our impiety and unbelief.
Therefore, I ask you to make a chain of prayer for our country. Much bitterness will be in Greece. After a little practice you will see it and you say God help us! Now no one still feels the need to pray for them.
I tell you that Satan sent his servants in all states to bring disorder. I have said many bad prepared, but we reject them with our prayers. Do not worry when you see the murder of a great politician of our state. And it will bring again the disorder. I do not want to say too much, but this will happen.

The current Ecumenical Patriarch, pray to God to die without a bloodbath.

Evil will move up and affect the Orthodox Church. There will be so many tribulations, that those who love the Ecumenical Patriarchate must pray for her and the times to come. They will go through a lot of trouble these people, that the gates of the Patriarchate will be stained with blood. If, however, people who pray for them, this great evil can be removed. More, for the current patriarch, I pray to God to die without a bloodbath. Only this I tell you, do not know how they will understand, unless they intensely pray, this patriarch will not die a natural death. There will be a lot of suffering. But if you will pray more, this attack will be avoided.
None of our prophets, such as Father Paisios and others, dared to tell the truth just for the people not to panic. But verily I say unto you that all this will happen more harshly. It will be great famine, epidemics, diseases that will not come naturally, but will be induced. It will be great turmoil because of the war in which we go without to be killed, because we will die from other causes, but it will be so much confusion and so much hunger in the war, that it would be unthinkable to our level of understanding. There will be many regional problems. Satan will try to kill various leaders and prominent people in order to facilitate implementation of large events (plans).

About the chip to be implanted in the time of Antichrist.

Then they use … cunningly clever methods such as chip. They will not put handcuffs. We do not know exactly what form this chip will take. They do this to investigate. They will experiment on Greeks the way people can be influenced to finally control the entire world.
This will be a preliminary stage, and when the time is fulfilled and the false prophet will install in the seat of Vatican, he will impact the entire world with his decisions. All political leaders will be on his side. Do not think, however, that the Vatican will have easy times, on the contrary, will have many problems. They try to choose another pope. They will form an antipope. It will be a pope, an antipope and second antipope. All this will depend on us, how we pray to change the situation. But this pseudo-prophet will bring much damage, he will bring the chip.
Antichrist will find it all ready, it will work through it. Do not think that this chip will be like hearing about other things that it subcutaneously inserted here and there and then you can get, no! There will be the same. Says the Holy Spirit which will be implanted in those days people will have worked as both high technology, microtechnology that can influence human decisions. Will be implanted so that can not be removed anymore. It will be incised (engraved) in humans. It will have both high frequency and also capacity that can even influence human feelings and emotions. And the ones who will control the central computer, they will induce such feelings to those with an implanted chip that will cause excruciating pain. Therefore, those who take this chip to get rid of the pain will be the first ones to be destroyed. And they will know everything about the man, they will read their thoughts, feelings and will control every aspect of their life.

Eucharist gives strength to those who would not worship the Antichrist

All this will come if we do not have complete faith in God, who can resist these times? And perfect confidence you know what? With simplicity, humility and repentance, to come to receive Holy Communion.Those who will not receive the Holy Communion, will not be able to resist those times. Sacraments will have such power over the soul, that they will not be influenced or manipulated by any thoughts or feelings from evil.
Digital micromachining will be of such capacity that can affect even the human mind. You realize that these are satanic lies? You see, you’ll understand in a little while! But they will have no power over the man who will understand and will receive it. Holy Communion will protect the faithful with such a power, they will be defended by angels so much that Lucifer and his servants will not able to heart those souls. And those people will live with little food and manage to survive, and those who have everything … will die.
What does God want from us? Let us have faith in Him. Not just faith but perfect confidence. To change our lives starting today, to love God and to run into his arms like a baby in his mother’s arms. But if you are upset, you will not run into the arms of another mother. What is this? That although we quarrel God to help us change our lives, we must not get away, but get back in His arms again. Blessing of the Lord be upon you!

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