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It is going to get really bad really soon

Russia are amassing huge military resources in the Black Sea region (according to the following Greek article, 250 TOMA tanks, 30 war ships and submarines, lots of air power support, over 7000 soldiers), all just a few kilometers away from the Turkish shore (see original article on defencenet.grgoogle translation here). North Korea situation also escalates declaring war on south and warning America.

At the same time, what we have been fearing would come seems to already be here – the big nationalization and communist takeover of the world is at hand, and even the rich are now fearing what they see coming. A Bloomberg article reveals that depositors in Cyprus are up to loosing 60% of their money.

There are also reports about Canada hiding “depositor haircut provisions” in their 2013 budget legislation as well. Similar news are now surfacing about the FDIC in the US and Bank of England where these 2 institutions are co-ordinating their efforts to put in place measures that enable deposit confiscations.

And on top of all this, Japan has just announced the biggest, boldest, Shock-And-Awe QE (Quantitative Easing – yes, just what the FED is doing) campaign ever, taking the ongoing currency war to a whole new level. In fact this action by Japan is so worrysome, many top financial analysts say this is in fact the start of a worldwide trade war – making Lindsey Williams right yet again.

Early signs of an economic meltdown have already started to appear with a massive panic in the bond market Japan today (5th of April), and many voices in the financial industry are warning the complete meltdown is near.

Billionaire Jim Rogers, George Soros’ long time investment partner says: “You Better Run for the Hills! Get your money out of the Banks, they are going to loot it. You better hurry!”. Jim Rogers also says in another interview that YEN will be the first currency to collapse.

Marc Faber, another heavyweight name in the financial industry also fears the governments will come after his wealth. As he shows in a recent interview, the economic picture is rather dire than optimistic like the mainstream media would like us to believe. Form observing what is currently happening in the precious metal markets, the ferociousness of the cartel attacks against gold and silver, it appears the current massive effort to push the prices down is indeed the last and this may be the final opportunity for people to buy – it is extremely important for them to take the prices of gold and silver down during this time to discourage bank runs.

News of another bank, the oldest bank in the world, Monte dei Paschi, also report that a bank run that led to loosing billions of euros in deposits has been ongoing since February. This is not particularly good news given the fragility of the political and economic situation in Italy.

China and Brasil have also, just days ago, signed their biggest accord to shift away from the US dollar, and we have just learned that Australia has just done the same. This only comes to prove what Lindsey Williams had been warning about for years.

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