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How to prepare …

Dear ones in Christ,

As you may have noticed, and many of you may be actively following what is happening in the world, the situation has again started to deteriorate at an alarming pace, possibly heading towards “the moment” we have been warning about on this site. As a result we feel we need to share with you some important steps each one of us needs to consider in order to prepare. We are regretful to see that those who are in the position to speak are keeping silent.

The first thing we would like to say is that people need to try to reduce the amount of debt they are exposed to and also not to commit to any long term financial obligations in the near future. This of course should be done without creating discords in our families either.

For those of you who live in Australia and have some savings in a superannuation (pension) account (or IRA in US), and are not able to withdraw them because of not meeting the preservation age, we suggest a “Self Managed Superannuation Fund” be set up. There are a number of low cost options, most likely cheaper than the administration fees the big super funds charge, like Superannuation Warehouse who for a fee as little as $39/month will do all the legally required reporting at the end of the financial year. They will also help set up a trust for free. What is important to know is that a SMSF can have up to 4 members and the maintenance cost stays the same.

Please, where possible, do not leave any of the money you depend on inside the banking system. Wherever possible, please use it to invest in hard assets outside of the banking system !

As we mentioned above, a self managed super fund can have up to 4 members, so it is possible that up to 4 people (members of the same family, but not a requirement) can put all the money together in the same fund and be able to invest it into something tangible. Also being in a trust, it will offer the best protection in case individual persons run into trouble.

The possibility for the members of these SMSFs to associate later on in small communities should not be dismissed. Many of you who follow orthodox blogs know that there are voices out there, like that of Fr Iustin Parvu, who encourage the creation of Christian communities – please see this (in romanian).

There are those out there that will try to tell you that something like this is unorthodox – that may be exactly what they may not want you to do – prepare – and those like them have always been proven wrong by history.

The Orthodox Views Team !

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